Members of the white supremacist group Keystone United are suffering the consequences of beating a black man in a bar outside of Pittsburgh on July 7. 

The Daily Beast reports six or seven members charged were loitering near the back of the bar as Paul Morris passed them on his way to the kitchen of the Jackman Inn to deliver a thank-you card to the manager for preparing his son's graduation party food. 

Upon Morris' return from the kitchen, the group allegedly ambushed him with racial slurs. A member reportedly hit Morris, knocking his glasses to the ground. When Morris went to retrieve them, the whole group attacked him, he said.

“They attacked me because they had hate in their hearts. I didn’t do anything to these people personally. I was just back there talking to my friend,” Morris told CBS Pittsburgh.

The Avalon, Pennsylvania, police chief said the neo-Nazis would be charged with simple assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy for simple assault and a conspiracy for ethnic intimidation.

One woman (probably kin to #BBQBecky), claimed Morris provoked the fight, and nothing racist was said.

Sigh. Thankfully, the bar manager, Jackie Scanlon, said others remember the incident differently.

Keystone United was spearheaded in 2001 by local Pennsylvania elected official Steve Smith, who the Southern Poverty Law Center cites as a "racist leader" and was arrested in 2003 for also attacking a black man in Pennsylvania. He pleaded guilty and spent 60 days in jail. 

Nine years later he ran (unopposed) for office and managed to secure a committee seat in his county’s Republican party. What are the odds of that?

He ran unopposed again in 2016 and was pressed to share his news with one of the most racist online groups, Stormfront, which proudly claims nearly 300,000 members. 

Scanlan said the bar has a no discrimination policy and will not welcome those who hate.

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