There are countless moments in our lives that frustrate us to no end:

Did you make a plan to go to the movies with a friend and she cancelled last minute? Recipe turn out not quite as good as Kanye Breast’s video? Got that friend that loves to complain to you but never takes your advice?

Instead of going on a full-out freak out when things don’t go your way, try these seven ways to embrace flexibility in everyday situations.


1. Meditate

An excellent way to calm your nerves is by regularly practicing meditation. It helps improve overall mood and concentration within just a few sessions. A little inspiration can help you get started.



2. Say yes

When someone changes plans on you at the last minute, it’s difficult to go with the flow. Try saying yes and going with a new plan just one time. You can let them know you’re not happy about it and move on from there. Who knows? You might enjoy doing something different. 


3. Evaluate how serious the situation actually is

So your plans to go out fell through. Is it really the end of the world? Probably not. The bar will be there tomorrow and next week and the week after. A night in could help you regroup or you might find something else to do.


4. Find another solution

My best friend and I were recently lost in the middle of a foreign country and our taxi driver could not understand our directions. We were close to giving up until we found a spot that had wifi so we could regroup. Once we knew what we were doing, we found another taxi driver who knew exactly where we needed to go. There is always a way to fix the situation and get yourself where you need to go.


5. Count to 10

This may be a cliche anger management tool but it works. Sometimes just taking a second (or ten) can help you put things into perspective and try to find a solution. At the very least, you can remove yourself from the situation and check your emotions.


6. Trust there could be another way

One day I came home to find my electricity had been turned off. Apparently my landlord didn’t feel like paying the bill for a few months. I was ready to move out and go to town on the landlord until my roommate calmed me down long enough to let him work on it. Within an hour, our lights were back on. I was still mad, but the problem was fixed without me doing much to intervene. Sometimes our way is not necessarily the best way.


7. Take a breath

“Relax” is the most annoying word in the world when you’re mad, so I’ll say take a breath. The world is not against you, nor is it falling apart. “Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go.” Things will work out.

How do you stay calm? Share in the comments below!