A former Miami Gardens police officer has been arrested and charged after video footage proved he used excessive force to arrest a woman and then subsequently lied on the report. 

Jordy Yanes Martel has been charged with four counts of battery and two counts of official misconduct by the Miami-Dade state attorney, reports WSVN. He surrendered on Thursday morning and was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center but bonded out later that night.

The charges stem from a January 14 incident when Martel used excessive force to arrest Safiya Satchell, who was pregnant at the time.

Satchell and her friend, Raheam Staats-Fleming, were at Tootsies Cabaret strip club when Satchell got into an argument with a manager over food, according to the Miami Herald. The manager refused to refund her money, and Satchell left.

Martel and Sgt. Arthur King were working off-duty security when the manager approached them and asked for Satchell to be issued a trespassing warning to prevent her from returning, claiming she was being “disorderly” reports Local 10.

As Satchell and Staats-Fleming got into her car, a security guard blocked them from leaving. When Martel approached the vehicle, he asked Satchell if he could speak to her, and she handed the officer her ID and asked why. Prosecutors state that the officer asked Satchell to come to his vehicle so he could issue her a warning, and the 33-year-old asked if she could drive over. When Satchell stated that her father’s a police officer, Martel said he didn’t care.

The officer then told Satchell to come with her.

Video footage, taken from the passenger seat of the car, shows Martel reaching into the car window to unlock the door, pulling Satchell from the vehicle and proceeding to use a leg sweeping technique to place her on the ground. Once she was on the floor, Martel placed his knee on her neck and then tased her twice in her stomach as she screamed.