Jimmy Fallon and The Roots have been transforming late night musical performance on television ever since they signed on to be his official house band back in 2009. We've gotten some great performances from The Roots and the special guests of the show, as well throughout the years. If you couldn't catch this amazing rendition of the number one hit, they dropped an immortalized, edited version online for your viewing pleasure, and to keep us all engaged when we're bored at work. 

Thus, the most important two minute and 31-second video clip uploaded in the last decade was born. Questlove is playing scissors and the electric stapler, Takeoff has the scotch tape, and Jimmy, The Roots, and Migos are all dressed like they're having a The Office themed Halloween party, which is even more lit than you could ever imagine. 

See what we mean? However, this does bring up the question, if the Migos were, in fact, characters in The Office, which one of them would be Michael Scott?