A video musical artist Miguel posted on his Instagram has caused some impassioned responses from Trump supporters.

In the video, Miguel wears a shirt with the text “How Nipsey Before Trump,” in reference to the murder of the rapper on March 31. Fans accused Miguel of wishing death upon the President.

In 2015, Miguel made anti-Trump comments and questioned the ignorance in America, due to those who voted for Trump.

"There's a tremendous responsibility we all have just to not be f***ing ignorant," Miguel told NME then. "It's really sad that even at that level, there is this ignorance that exists."

But in his comments, not all fans were against the shirt Miguel wore.

“If you [are] a real @miguel fan you know he’s not [saying] “kill Trump,” or “he wants Trump dead.” It’s simply like, how does someone like [Nipsey's] life get taken before someone like Trump. [It’s] a million Nipseys and a million Trumps all around us,” said Instagram follower awaken_love_within. “[It’s] clear the [Nipseys] are wise loving spirits that bless the earth, but [they're] all being killed. And all the evil spirited money Trumps are running the place.”

Miguel himself has not commented on the debate his post created, but he is not the first artist to honor the life of Hussle since his passing. From a gang ceasefire to a letter from President Barack Obama, Hussle’s impact on the community has been widely acknowledged.

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