A Missouri woman is condemning a hospital that allegedly allowed her husband to die in the parking lot after refusing to take him in, KMOV4 reported

Sadie Bell said she took her husband, David Alexander Bell, to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Peters twice in the first week of January when he experienced chest pain. But the medical staff allegedly refused to admit the 39-year-old man each time. Instead, David was sent home with a prescription for Ibuprofen, Sadie said.

After returning to work at Central County Fire & Rescue, the board director experienced the pain for the third time and he was rushed to the hospital by his colleagues. Sadie said she then went to see her husband at the hospital and found him sitting outside in a wheelchair.

The couple then decided to go to another hospital, unfortunately, it was too late. 

“We got halfway to the car and he said, 'Oh Sadie.' And I said, 'Baby what’s wrong?'” Sadie said, adding that her husband took his last breath in the parking lot while a good Samaritan tried giving him CPR. 

The devastated spouse said she still doesn't know why the hospital refused to admit her husband.

“I don’t know what they thought and I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t help him,” she said. “I don’t want any family to feel what we’re feeling right now.”

David's cause of death has not yet been released. 

A study published in Science in 2019, concluded that millions of Black patients are affected by racial bias in healthcare, Nature reported. According to the study, the problem involves an algorithm that is widely used in hospitals to allocate health care to patients. The researchers said Black people are less likely to get the care they need because the algorithm generally gives them lower risk scores than equally sick white people.