The internet was on fire this week thanks to a few resurfaced clips from America's Next Top Model showcasing some questionable actions and comments from legendary model and host Tyra Banks

The show was on TV for more than 20 seasons, but people on Twitter and Instagram were furious with one particular scene from season six where Banks criticized model Dani Evans for a gap between her front teeth and demanded she had it closed by a dentist. 

The appalling clip garnered more than 4 million views on Twitter, and hundreds of people demanded an apology from Banks for telling Evans that the way she looked was "not marketable.”

Since the clip took on a life of its own, Evans decided to take to Instagram to address the situation herself.

"This video isn’t made for unsolicited advice, words, or paragraphs on how YOU would have handled the situation. I’m speaking MY truth aside from anyone’s opinions, beliefs, or input. I chose to use my own platform to speak so I have full control over my narrative. Watch until the very end to understand the purpose as to why I took time to even address the matter," Evans wrote.

The 34-year-old model explained that the cast was originally sent to the dentist for a cleaning and whitening. Evans refused to have her gap closed after being asked by the dentist numerous times. She later realized that it was a setup and that Banks had planned to criticize her for not following through. 

“So, I go forward and Tyra’s like, ‘Why didn’t you get your gap closed?’ I’m like, ‘Huh?’ She like, ‘I told you to get your gap closed.’ I’m like, ‘No you didn’t'” Evans said.

“In that moment, I knew what was happening. I knew that I was basically set up. So Tyra says to me, ‘If I send you back to the dentist, will get your gap closed?’ And I meet her with another question: ‘So, what you’re saying is if I tell you no, you’re gonna send me home tonight?' … I was not going to allow something that is physical on my face to stop me from getting out to make a better life for myself,” Evans added.

“Nothing or no one was going to stand in my way. And it wasn’t about copping out, it was about understanding what really carries weight and holds value in my life — and teeth wasn’t one of them,” she said. 

Evans went on to say she originally didn't want to comment on the clip but was moved by a message from model Slick Woods, who has a gap in her teeth and posted on Instagram addressing the clip.

"No one should ever talk to you like that @danievans1, that episode fucked up little simone/slick so that’s how y’all feel @tyrabanks @miss_jalexander???" Woods wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. 

People flocked to Twitter to say they remembered the scene and felt worse about themselves because of how Banks reacted. Others highlighted that gaps quickly became a valued fashion trend treasured within white modeling circles.

By season 10 of the show, Banks had reversed course entirely, demanding one contestant actually get her gap widened. 

while danielle was made to feel ugly for her gap, 6/7 cycles laters tyra widened a white contestant’s gap because of how high fashion, unique and captivating it would be. 

‘not marketable’ is tyra speak for hating dark skin girls.

— disaster euphoria (@glitterdaiquiri) May 5, 2020

Banks still has not responded to the controversy, but other contestants from the show have spoken out about some of the things that producers put them through