Morris Brown College extended an acceptance offer to all seniors at Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta. Students were told the news during the school’s Spirit Day on Friday. They will have to meet enrollment requirements in order to enroll as freshmen next fall.

“I really want to let all the parents know that we are an institution that is of quality that they now have full access to come to,” Morris Brown College President Kevin James said, according to Black Entreprise. “Not only that, but [they] have access to federal financial aid.”

The opportunity came from a deal made between college and high school officials in order to provide options for higher education to high school students. Graduating seniors have to maintain a 2.0 GPA to accept the offer, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The HBCU reinstated its accreditation in 2022. It was originally founded in 1881 and was the first higher education institution owned and run by African Americans in Georgia. On its end, Mays High School honors Benjamin E. Mays, who was the president of Morehouse College for over 25 years and the first Black president of the Atlanta Board of Education.