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My S**t Is Classic': Watch Lauryn Hill Rap About How Drake's 'Nice For What' Doesn't Have Anything On The Original 'Ex-Factor'

L-Boogie doesn't see it for Drizzy Drake.

If Drake thought he got away with sampling a Lauryn Hill song, he was sadly mistaken.

Ms. Hill addressed Drake’s use of her song “Ex-Factor” in his song “Nice For What” during her set at the Apollo Theater Monday night. She started out singing the song normally until her DJ incorporated Drake’s alternations.

It was then that L-Boogie let Drizzy have it.

“See this is ‘Ex-Factor.’ He took the sample. My sh*t is classic. Here’s an example,” she sang over the “Nice For What” beat. “Stop acting like you didn’t grow up singing my songs. I swooped down on the bitch like I had wings on my arms.”

Oh. Snap.

So far, Drake has not replied to the remix of his remix. Maybe it's because he’s applying ice to that burn.

Check out Hill's bars below:

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