Folks are side-eyeing two Fox 5 D.C. news anchors after calling the Houston teen who received a full ride to all 20 colleges he applied to obnoxious.  

When news of 17-year-old Micheal Brown's academic achievements went viral, the senior at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School in Houston dominated national headlines. The excited teen could be seen reading an acceptance letter to Stanford in a video that recently went viral. 

Schools like Harvard University, Princeton University, Northwestern University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Georgetown University and Vanderbilt University were some of his top choices. However, he has yet to make a decision. The young man attributes his success to his mother's hard work as well as his dedication to community and after-school programs that gave him opportunities to succeed.  

He was accepted into some of the best colleges in the country and received full scholarships to them, but some think he may have taken the spotlight from other students with the news anchors taking jabs at the young man for overachieving.

"I think it is ridiculous to apply to 20 schools," the anchor in the middle said in the clip. "And you are taking a spot from someone else."

Her remarks went almost unchallenged by her co-anchors who agreed Micheal may have gone overboard with college applications. The black anchor said she suggested her children apply to five schools. She even threw out an anecdote about when it is appropriate to apply to 15 schools.

Twitter, however, was taken aback by the insinuation that this hardworking teen robbed others in any way.  

No matter what age, creed or profession, haters gon' hate.