Branding is a crucial part of any business that wants to truly be successful in today’s market. Look at the way Apple and Beats by Dre execute their branding..Apple is at the top as a result of their appealing commercials and elegant hardware. Beats by Dre excels by using athletes and stars to evangelize its product. Different companies, with a singular focus: creating lasting brands.

But big brands aren’t the only ones with that same focus.

A group of talented college students from diverse backgrounds have come together to build a branding agency that helps millennials thrive and reach the top.  They call themselves the Innovation Branding League (I.B. for short), and they are playing no games. Each different strengths and expertise that they fuse together  to change the way you see branding.

Their co-founder, Octavia Simmons, took the time out to give me some insight on how the I.B. League came to fruition and their plans for the future.


What is the I.B. League?

I.B. League is the innovative branding league of our generation. We hail from the millennial generation, offering value to individuals and companies who seek to rebrand themselves. As a branding team, we merge our unique skills to transform brands into experiences. We believe that nothing is impossible and solutions can ALWAYS be found.

How was the I.B. League formed?

I.B. League was formed because of our common love of collaborative production and positive critic. We all come from different schools and different disciplines but we see this as the best of all possibilities to encourage people and enhance brands. We present a global informed perspective. Every person on our team is multi-passionate and interested. As Innovative Branding Leaders, we steer with heart and skill.


Who are the member of the team? What are their individual roles?

We are all analysts. We are made up of creative and business analysts.

Kevin Errico is our business man. The numbers, stats and market pricing are his bread and butter. He has also done a bit of  product consulting work.

Naima Atti is our media visionary and social networking expert. She has a strong interest and knowledge of people of the African Diaspora.

Sade Stevens is our creative mind her and I work closely together in sorting through ideas that we, as a team can offer to our clients.

I am the person who comes up with strategies to navigate how we will execute our innovative ideas.

Brian Rucker along with Sade is our computer programmer. Brian also provides our team with his knowledge and understanding of European capital.

Lyn Harris is our digital media and graphics designer.

Courtesy of IBL
Courtesy of IBL


How does the I.B. League stand out compared to the competition?

We give our clients our best . Our creativity,. our innovation and our millennial insight . We don’t just take over the clients brand; we work with their wants, their suggestions and we aim to have the client’s brand  to be both extraordinarily exhibited and experienced.

How has being a mentor helped to shape you as a leader?

I have always given my friends, peers and those who I’ve mentored great insight and suggestions on how to gain better for themselves. A great part of being a leader is taking and living by your own advice. In realizing that I could be far greater than I am, I decided to take my advice. I made the move towards actively using my ability to help others build their brands and in turn build them up to who they want to be.

Besides the I.B. League, what are some of your other personal pursuits?

I plan on attending law school in the fall of 2015, I’m working on releasing an app sometime within the coming year and I aim to work on New Balance’s creative design team in the near future. As the I.B. League works on our client brands, we are working on our own.

Other members of our team have many projects afoot and some culminating in the near future.

Naima Atti is coming out with a documentary film early this year.

Sade Stevens is expanding her campaign, The FroLife * FroChoice Movement.

Brian Rucker is launching a social meet up app for millennials.

As a new and upcoming brand, what do you struggle with the most?

Time. We are all currently in school, we have jobs and family. It is sometimes difficult to prioritize everything when they are coming at you full speed.

What’s your vision for 2015?

By the end of 2015 we would like to be viable and fine in manage at least 6 clients at a time. Our target clients are up and coming producers, designers, singers and other creative brands. We have started off in a direction towards industry names, which was a strategic way of getting our league out there. However, we’re open to working with most; we’re aiming to uplift our fellow millennial entrepreneurs and innovators, while we learn and creative in our universe.

Courtesy of IBL
Courtesy of IBL



The Innovative Branding League is on the come up. Don’t miss out! Look out for their official website soon. Until then you can follow their journey on Instagram.