Skhye knows beats. The other day I had a chance to talk to the super talented and equally as humble Grammy-nominated producer Skhye Hutch.  You’ve definitely bopped your head to at least one of Skhye’s creations. Read the profile below to hear more about his inspiration, creative process and what’s #nextup  for him.


Take us back to the beginning, how did you get started?

After school I started interning at this company called Underdog, which was one of the top production R&B duos for a year and then from that internship went Mad Heaven and then they wound up signing me as a producer. From there I did a few more internships and just kept practicing. It’s been a journey.

What are some of the things that inspire your musical creation?

Usually it’s just lifeand I listen to a lot different music genres to keep a fresh ear to different sounds and creative angles to approach music I produce.

Is there anyone or anything in particular that has inspired your production style? Tell us what genres or producers influence your sound.

Besides the my top greatest producers of my life (Timbaland/Dilla/Dre/Neptunes/Swizz/Quincy/Teddy)… My brother Tae BeastWillie b, SounWave , Rxdio, you just surround yourself with great people and naturally you’ll pick up little tricks of the trade.

When you are making a beat do you already have someone in mind?

I don’t know where the artist will go. With T.D.E. you can’t just say ” this is a T.D.E beat… with Ab-Soul’s ” ILLuminate”, “Beautiful Death”, and “Dying of Thirst” I didn’t expect him to grab those three AT ALL.  The process is about having a consistent flow and always creating.  The catch 22 is that you just never know where it is going to go.  You just have beats already sitting – ready to go at any given moment.  I just have a crazy work ethic and try to make some joints every single day.

Technology has played a large part in the music industry for the past few years. How has it impacted the way you produce and distribute your sounds?

Technology in my opinion is definitely a huge plus but at the same time I try not to let it crutch me. But technology gives you unlimited access to sounds across the world without having to actually travel there. The fact you can have an artist on tour and they may be recording their album and an idea come across to them about the music, they can just share the session while the producer have him add/tweak/take away something and work flow continues. I can go on and on but yea….

What tools do you feel are most helpful for an up and coming producer? (Producer kit – social media/software/apps)skhyehutchpic

A producers kit really lies with the producer passion. You don’t need the “latest” as many assume. I would just say get a laptop first that can handle music production. I have a Mac but that’s not obligated. As far software I personally work with Reason (latest version), I would recommend Logic even though Pro Tools is the common recording software for the industry but also I would say study… who you look up to or whoever struck that spark for you to start producing.

If you had to choose one artist or producer to work with that you haven’t already, who would it be?


Self improvement is important for anyone developing a skill. How do you track your progress as a producer? How do you know when you’ve gotten better?

I think the only progress is just how you hear music. I’ll tend to hear things that maybe the average is not listening for or able to come up with a bassline or harmony while listening to other genres. That causes my approach with production to change from time to time. And the cliche of “practice makes perfect” even though perfect is non exist but the work ethic will just naturally mature your production. I’m still learning.

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Do you feel that your creativity is challenged or hindered by the increasing pressure on producers to create sample-free instrumentals due to high clearance fees, lawsuits, etc?

Sample will never die…….ever ..ever ....if you study the greats as I said before you‘ll notice THE classic songs albums whatever has samples, can’t let music lose it’s soul. So no…. never a creative challenge and it’s always good to know someone who can play really good (cause I’m horrible) at recreating samples too.

As an an in-house producer for TDE, you work day in and day out with some of the most talented artists at the forefront of the game right now. Do you ever get opportunities to work with other (indie) artists outside the camp, and if so, anyone you’re really excited about?

Yea I work with indie artist all the time got some music out there from a kid from Brooklyn name euro league we got a song (Chains in the Dungeon) also produced by Mp, been working with this kid from Maryland named  jay idk, I got few joints on his latest indie album (sex drugs & homework).  My man j-go got a song & video out called “Underdog” I produced.  I can keep going but who I’m waiting on is the homie Ill Camille — she’s a dope personand also I’m doing ep with my fam Rxdio & Tahoe which is going to be dope as shit!!!

Where do you want to be in 5 years?          

In the next 5?…...continue being part of history, just doing what I love.

Cop Skhye’s latest release and catch some good vibes for the rest of your work week. Give him a shout out and connect with him below:


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