NLE Choppa specifically thanked the LGBTQ+ community for supporting his new record, “Slut Me Out 2.” The 21-year-old has been diligently promoting his latest song on social media. 

“I’m noticing the LGBTQ community showing so much love to “Slut Me Out 2” And I Simply Want To Say Thank You,” he tweeted. “IDC what’s normalized as a rapper, I was raised to F**k with who f**k with you! So thank y’all for appreciating my craft.. My music For ALL we do NO Discrimination.”

NLE Choppa‘s earnest post follows speculation surrounding the rapper’s sexual orientation, which he addressed on social media. As a Black man who loves all his fans, he boasted about being confident.

“I understand me being in love with myself as a BLACK MAN is so RARE to the point some people try putting the homosexual jacket on my name, but with all due respect, I love ALL, but my intimacy lies with women only,” he tweeted.

“Slut Me Out 2” was a follow-up to his 2022 success that eventually surfaced on the Memphis rapper’s 2023 project Cottonwood 2. Because of its coarse lyrics, numerous fans speculated about NLE Choppa’s sexuality.

“If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna f**k me too, hmm / I’d wanna suck me too, hmm / I’d wanna slut me too, hmm,” he raps on the track.

Not too long after expressing gratitude to the LGBTQ+ community for their support, NLE Choppa responded on social media to a fan who had identified him as gay.

“I’m gay for showing love?” he questioned. “Y’all men lost that’s why we killing each other everyday cause yall can’t show me love and whole time yall be the ones that get down like that but be hiding it! Me saying thank you got nun to do with my sexuality busta.”