One-Third Of Americans Think There's Nothing Wrong With Blackface New Poll Finds

As if we needed more unfortunate blackface news.

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| February 12 2019,

10:48 pm

If you thought you could get through your day without any more blackface-related news, you thought wrong.

A new study from Pew Research found one-third of Americans think there's nothing wrong with wearing blackface, Think Progress reports.

According to the poll, 34 percent of respondents thought it was OK to wear blackface “always or sometimes” while 53 percent said it was never or rarely acceptable.

Opinions varied according to participants' race, geographical location and political beliefs. For instance, only 19 percent of Black respondents thought blackface was acceptable compared to 39 percent of white people and 26 percent Latinx people.

Democrats were less likely to approve of blackface than Republicans with 32 percent of Democrats believing blackface is always or sometimes OK and 63 percent of Republicans thinking the same.

Younger people were less accepting of the racist makeup than their older counterparts. While 45 percent of participants between 50 and 64 said blackface is acceptable, only 26 percent of people below 30 were found to consider blackface OK. Pew also found the makeup was more widely accepted in the South and Midwest than on either coast.

Politico reports the study took place before Virginia lawmakers found themselves entangled in blackface scandals and before Gucci was revealed to have produced a sweater that seems to simulate blackface makeup.

Researchers interviewed 5,599 people in a random sample group from January 22 to February 5 on the topic; that pool skewed slightly in favor of people of color with Black and Latinx people being overrepresented by 530 and 508, respectively.

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