The Dungeon, where Outkast crafted some of their greatest music and helped to put Atlanta hip hop on the map, will now be available for overnight stays on Airbnb.

Big Boi shared the news Thursday morning on Instagram, revealing the studio will available beginning June 25.

“Atlanta is my home, and I grew up with the Dungeon Family in this house,” Big Boi said in a statement. “We would spend hours hanging out in the basement, writing rhymes and putting together beats at all hours of the night. Since purchasing the home, I’ve been excited to open its doors and welcome the next generation of artists to the space that inspired countless songs.”

 As an added bonus, Big Boi will play host for overnight stays at the Dungeon on June 29, July 1 and July 3 for a rate of $25 a night. The $25 cost commemorates the 25th anniversary of Outkast’s sophomore LP, ATLiens that was released in 1996.

“The Dungeon is where André 3000 and I spent countless hours writing songs and producing beats that became Outkast’s early albums,” Big Boi said.

Two years ago, Big Boi purchased the house where he began his storied career and the Dungeon became the official hub for Atlanta hip hop in the '90s. The Dungeon was the home base of the Atlanta-based production team Organized Noize whose sound helped launch the careers of Outkast, Goodie Mob and Killer Mike.

According to the description, the house is decorated with a fireplace resembling the iconic black and white American flag as seen on the classic Stankonia cover. Also, it features a peacock feathered wicker chair and a fur coat blanket reminiscent of the one that Big Boi donned on the album cover Speakerbox/The Love Below.

Although the duo has been on a prolonged hiatus, both Big Boi and André 3000 have pursued other interests outside of the Outkast brand. Besides renovating the Dungeon, Big Boi is a real estate investor and has dropped several solo projects. André 3000, on the other hand, has become a noted actor and can be seen just about anywhere.

While fans would have loved to hear that the dynamic duo has reunited for another album, discovering that the Dungeon where their classic music was created will be open to the public is great news nonetheless.