The parents of 12-year-old Leden Boykins are seeking justice after their child died in a high-speed chase while he was a passenger in the car of a family friend who was being pursued by Georgia police. According to 11 Alive, Leden's parents said they want repercussions against the driver and police who were chasing the car because the man refused to pull over after he was accused of speeding. 

As he was being pursued on Friday, the driver was frantically speaking with a 911 operator.

“I am afraid. I’m afraid for my life,” he told the operator.

The man also said he had two children in the car, referring to Leden and his own 14-year-old son.

“They need to get them off of me, right now,” he said. “Because I’m scared, I’ve got my kids with me, right now.”

The fatal crash ended in Paulding County when police used a PIT maneuver and caused the driver to flip the car. According to The Washington Post, the PIT maneuver is a technique that involves police using their cruiser to push another car's rear end sideways, causing the fleeing vehicle to spin. At least nine people were killed by the PIT maneuver in 2020. 

Toni, the grieving mother, said the driver is a neighbor who was giving Leden a ride home. Leden’s father, Anthony, said the family has now heard the 911 call and believes the driver should be held responsible.

“He does bear some responsibility,” Anthony said. “He was pulled over, and he had kids in the car.”

The parents also question the officers' tactics.

“Why was he considered so dangerous that they had to flip that car with them kids in there?” the devastated father said. “Why did he (the officer) make that decision? Why did he decide to flip that car knowing there was kids in there?”

The Georgia State Patrol has now brought murder charges against the driver. Officers involved in the chase are also under investigation.