The parents of Keyon Harrold Jr., the 14-year-old who was falsely accused of stealing a woman's phone at a Manhattan hotel last week, are now seeking therapy for their son.

Speaking to TMZ, the teen's father said his son is seriously traumatized after the confrontation with the woman, who has been identified as Miya Ponsetto, at the Arlo Hotel. They want him to attend trauma therapy. The award-winning jazz musician added that his son has been expressing self-doubt since the harassment, asking questions such as, "why me?"

"He wonders if he's good enough to own an iPhone, or whether he's out of place at a nice hotel," the concerned father said. 

With both of his parents traveling often because they're musicians, Keyon Jr. accompanies them on their trips and often stays at hotels. But the teen now has a fear of hotels, telling his dad that someone will come from behind and tackle him like Ponsetto did or accuse him of a crime.

"I have tried to instill dignity in my son. I'm trying to build his ego because for so long egos of Black men have been shattered," Kenyon Sr. said. 

The father and son have always talked about social justice issues, discussing the plights of Black Americans from Emmett Till to George Floyd