Childish Gambino's "This Is America" inspired quite a few conversations about race relations and government policies in the U.S. and beyond. However, a recent discovery points to another artist's song being the inspiration behind it.

According to some very investigative Twitter users, "This Is America" sounds a lot like rapper Jase Harley's 2016 song "American Pharaoh."

Some are claiming Gambino completely ripped off the song, while others are saying the two songs are similar, but not nearly the same. 

Despite mixed feelings about the similarities between the two records, it seems Harley isn't upset, but he would appreciate a shoutout.   

"Lol word a shoutout would be cool, " Harley wrote, according to screenshots. "All good tho…he's a great artist, dope I could have an influence on the record."

In a now-deleted tweet, Fam Udeorji, the co-manager of Donald Glover’s label, Wolf & Rothstein, took an aggressive approach in responding to the plagiarism accusations, reports BuzzFeed News. Udeoriji took to Twitter on Monday, June 25, claiming “This Is America” is 3-years-old and said Team Childish has the “pro tools files to prove it.”

“The Internet is a place of no consequences,” Udeorji tweeted. “I hate that Toronto Akademiks/every white blogger can say something as gospel and y'all take it. this song is 3 yrs old, and we have pro tools files to prove it. but f**k you and your moms, and your future fetuses. stay blessed.”

He then concluded the rant with, “You asked for a comment from the label, this is it @pitchfork.”

Photo: Fam Udeorji/Twitter

Photo: Fam Udeorji/Twitter