We all know race is a hot button topic. From national news to contemporary music to social media timelines, the conversation is seemingly impossible to ignore. But apparently that’s not the case for everyone. According to a recent Pew Research Study, 67 percent of white social media users say they never post or share posts about race on their timelines.

This might not come as a surprise as conventional etiquette tends to shy from public discussions about hot button, passion-inducing topics like politics, race and religion. And for those who don’t have to deal with the daily stresses of racism, talking about race can feel daunting or overwhelming.

Conversely, the study reveals that black users are less likely to skirt the conversation. According to the Pew Study, “Some 28% of black social media users say at least some of the things they share or post on social networking sites are about race or race relations, including 8% who say this applies to most of their posts.” And only 42 percent of black social media users said that they never post or share posts about race on their timelines.

Photo: pewinternet.org
Photo: pewinternet.org

Aside from being personally impacted by race and racism, for black people, social media has been a powerful political tool. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have played a major role in exposing blatant instances of racism and injustice that permeate our lives. Movements including Black Lives Matter have mobilized using social media, but according to this research study, we might be preaching to the choir.

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