This Phoenix mother and her daughters have more in common than just DNA. They also work for the same airline.

Denise Campbell and her two children Chantel and Charnel Johnson love assisting travelers as flight attendants at Southwest Airlines, AZ Family reported. The trio has been working together for seven years but have over 30 years of experience combined.

Chantel and Charnel Johnson started their journey in aviation together seven years ago as they were looking to join the workforce at the same time.

“We started at the same time. We started in customer service and support and we were in the same class there and then we transferred over to being a flight attendant,” Charnel told AZ Family.

Both daughters credit their mom, Denise, a now 17-year veteran in the industry, for inspiring their career paths. Becoming a flight attendant had been a goal of Campbell’s since she was a teenager, but it was put on hold. Her daughters were proud when she completed her goal in 2007. Since then, they have witnessed her enjoy the job she always wanted.

“We decided to wait until the girls were a little bit older, and I think they were 11 and 12 when I finally became a flight attendant,” Denise said.

Although they work for the same company, they’ve only crossed paths on a flight four times. The relatives took their first family flight as coworkers to St. Louis for New Year’s Eve during Chantel and Charnel’s first year.

“It does give you a sense of pride. You think about when you were younger and what you thought they were going to do and [now] they do the same as you,” Denise said.

They aim to align their schedules during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Stuff is closed, you’re away from your family, but when you fly with your family it makes it easier being away from home and kids,” Charnel said.

Their latest trip together was a flight to New Orleans.

“We went to New Orleans together on a quick trip and had the time of our lives. We went to Bourbon Street,” Charnel said. “We definitely made a trip out of it. We picked it up so that we could explore, try some new food, do something different.”

Work has also strengthened their bond, which was an unexpected bonus.

“It’s so much fun; it’s not work when you’re working with family,” Chantel said. “We have a great time, and we get to go out and explore new cities together.”