Special police officer Angela Washington was killed on Sept. 21 in Washington, D.C., and police have released photos of the suspect in her fatal shooting, reports WJLA. 

Washington, a grandmother and mother of four, was on duty while she was killed. She functioned as a security guard at Oak Hill Apartments. 

A week after the 41-year-old Suitland, Maryland, resident's death, frustration ensued among her peers. 

“We feel that if there was an MPD officer that was murdered in D.C., every single day we would see officers passing out fliers," John Ayala, the owner of a security company, told WJLA. "We would see doors being kicked in, but we ain’t seeing that.”

The special officer distinction grants security personnel with this title to arrest and carry a firearm. The role is specific to D.C., according to Fox Baltimore. 

"You go out there and put your life on the line, every day you put on that uniform," Ayala continued. "It’s a possibility you may not come home, such as what happened to Angela Washington.”

Tonya Blake had been passing out fliers, alongside Ayala, to raise awareness about Washington's death. 

“I’m a mother of seven, I had two foster children, which made it nine in the home," she said. "I just couldn’t imagine going to work and for my kids to get a phone call like that to say I’m not coming back."

Police are also seeking a white Toyota Camry with tinted windows in relation to the shooting.