The president of Indiana University Health is facing backlash following the release of a statement about Dr. Susan Moore, who died of COVID-19 on December 20 after posting detailed notes about the racism she faced on Facebook, as Blavity previously reported.

In a letter to the public, Indiana University Health president Dennis Murphy defended the hospital's treatment of Moore and criticized her, writing that the doctors treating the woman who could barely breathe were "intimidated" by her. He said that when he first heard about what happened to Moore, he thought about the people treating her. 

"I also saw several human perspectives in the story she told – that of physicians who were trying to manage the care of a complex patient in the midst of a pandemic crisis where the medical evidence on specific treatments continues to be debated in medical journals and in the lay press," he said, referencing Moore's criticism that doctors refused to provide her with additional doses of Remdesivir, a drug that has proven effective with COVID-19.

"And the perspective of a nursing team trying to manage a set of critically ill patients in need of care who may have been intimidated by a knowledgeable patient who was using social media to voice her concerns and critique the care they were delivering," he added.

Many were outraged that Murphy would write this after Moore died such a painful, unnecessary death. People online were particularly incensed that he said the doctors may have been "intimidated," by Moore, who released a heartbreaking video on Facebook where she begged for help and questioned why she was being treated so poorly.