Democratic candidate Andrew Yang showed off a new piece of technology, he hopes, will give him an edge in the presidential race. Shared on Twitter, a hologram of Yang can be seen alongside the rapper Tupac.

Yang says the technology could boost his profile, allowing him to be in multiple locations at once. 

"I was doing a demo of what a hologram would consist of in order to send the hologram me to campaign in Iowa and other battleground states, so I could be in two places or three places at once," Yang said to TMZ. 

Yang's campaign has focused on his plan for universal basic income — a plan that would give every American over the age of 18 a monthly fund of $1,000. To spread his message, Yang told the Carroll Times Herald he is exploring the idea of projecting three-dimensional holograms from trucks, in addition to his tour across the state of Iowa starting in June.

"Also, if I were in a studio, which we could set up very easily, I could beam in and take questions live,” Yang said to the Herald. 

The Democratic primary field for 2020 is rather crowded, possibly the largest ever. Yang hopes the hologram technology will help him not only stand out and get Democratic voters attention, but their support as well.

"Technology is really cool,” Yang said. “When you see the hologram, the whole thing is very fun and invigorating. Certainly, when I saw the technology in action, I enjoyed it a great deal. So for folks in Iowa and other places, I think it will just be a fun way to experience it. It might be even more fun than seeing me in person.”

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