Raven-Symoné is calling out the death threats and online harassment her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, has received for allegedly being unfamiliar with the former Disney star’s work. 

On Thursday, Raven shared a clip of the pair sitting side-by-side on her TikTok account, addressing the negative comments and online bullying against Maday and how she felt about it, Entertainment Tonight reported.

“I’m here with Miranda, my wife, to tell you to stop it in the comments and stop with the death threats in her DMs,” Raven said in the nearly two-minute clip. “It is disrespectful to her and in turn disrespectful to me. Stop it.”


Please stop with the death threats and miss information about @miranda v. pm. Its grown to a place that is completely disrespectful and out of control. Haters will hate and by all means do you boo boo HOWEVER do not spread lies and threaten my wife, marriage, or her character. I chose her and all of her…. Stop.

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Maday, 36, also chimed in, stating that the recent hate she has received from others has “really become wild.” She then clarified comments she had made about being unfamiliar with Raven’s career before the two got together.

“I never have once said that I did not know who Raven was. I only have ever said that I did not grow up watching That’s So Raven,” Maday explained. “I did not watch her as a child. But since getting married and meeting her in 2015, I have seen the majority of her work.”

She also praised Raven as an ‘endlessly talented’ actor who should have won Emmys for the popular Disney show. However, Maday is asking everyone to broaden their minds and realize that celebrities are more than the work they produce in their careers.

“She also just isn’t ‘Raven-Symoné ‘ to me. You guys must try and open your minds a little bit and understand there is more behind people that are celebrity, Maday added. “There is real life here, and that is why we are feeling inclined to address this because I’m receiving so much hate for something that is really just a big spiral of internet misinformation.”

Raven concluded the video and said, “And for all of the blue checks out there acting like trolls, sit down. Just, thank you, no need. 

Maday’s controversial comments originated from an interview she and Raven did in April, where they appeared on the Bottoms Up With Fannita podcast. 

During the show, Fannita mentioned some of Raven’s projects, including Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls, which teenage girls adored at that time. As the pair were singing “The Party’s Just Begun from The Cheetah Girls 2, Maday didn’t know what song they were singing but praised Fannita for bringing out another side to Raven with their mini performance.


MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! New eppy out w my new favorite ppl @miranda v. pm @ravensymone!!!!!!

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