Jen Shah is headed to prison six months after pleading guilty to fraud charges.

A judge sentenced The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star to six years and six months in prison for her involvement in a nearly decade-long telemarketing scam.

Although Shah was initially facing up to 50 years in prison, Variety reports that her lawyers requested leniency on her behalf, stating that she is an “exceptional mother and a good woman who has already been punished extensively as a result of the sins of her past.”

Shah pleaded not guilty to fraud charges after she and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were arrested in March 2021. However, on July 11, she pleaded guilty to the charges against her.

Reports say the reality star defrauded hundreds of victims, many of them over age 55, out of millions of dollars by selling them worthless services such as tax preparation and coaching sessions.

In addition to receiving 78 months in prison, the television personality must forfeit $6.5 million to the government and pay more than $9 million in restitution to her victims.

In a statement to Variety following the sentencing, her lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, said, “Jen Shah deeply regrets the mistakes that she has made and is profoundly sorry to the people she has hurt. Jen has faith in our justice system, understands that anyone who breaks the law will be punished, and accepts this sentence as just. Jen will pay her debt to society and when she is a free woman again, she vows to pay her debt to the victims harmed by her mistakes.”

Shah is expected to surrender to prison on Feb. 17, per NBC News.