Rich Paul recently alleged that some white NBA players are wary about working with Black agents. 

The Klutch Sports Group founder appeared on SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show and shared his opinion after Cane asked him whether that was the case.

He explained, “That’s accurate, yeah. … It’s not international players because international players actually have a different outlook on it… But if you grew up in, you know, Indiana or Georgia or, you know, or Oklahoma, or even Ohio for that matter. Yeah, no.”

Cane was shocked by the confirmation, considering how successful Paul’s career as a sports agent is.

“You would think it’d be a line down the street, but it’s not. Yeah,” Paul responded.

Cane also cracked a few jokes about Paul’s relationship with Adele. After playfully asking if the singer calls him and says, “Hello, it’s me,” Paul shared she does not.

Paul’s been more open about his relationship with the “Hello” vocalist as of late. According to People, he said their relationship has “been great” while on CBS Mornings on Monday.

“We’re in a good space. Happy,” Paul added, calling her “superb.”

Still gushing over his relationship, Paul said they’re “great for reach other.”

The agent pumped the breaks on his newfound candor when host Gayle King subtly asked if the couple got hitched.

She cheekily asked, “When I see her, should I say ‘Hi, Mrs. Paul?'”

Laughing, Paul told her she could “say whatever you want” when she runs into the singer.

Paul’s memoir, Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds, was released on Tuesday.