Rihanna is a proud mother, and she’s not afraid to let anyone know. The singer shared images from her cover story photoshoot with Britsh Vogue— and her caption calling her son “fine” didn’t go over well with some fans. 

The photo in question is a beautiful mother-son shot with the singer and her 9-month-old son. While lying on a bed, Rihanna cuddles her son, wearing a black off-the-shoulder gown. The infant, whose name is yet to be revealed, adorably plays with his toes.

The “Lift Me Up” singer captioned the photo, “my son so fine! Idc! Idc! idc!”

While no one in the comments argued that their DNA is impressive, a mother calling her son “fine” seemed weird to some fans.

“Please dont be calling babies “fine”… idgaf if its your own,” wrote one follower.

Another chimed in, saying, “riri ik u did not just say “fine.”

Someone else said, “Calling your baby ‘fine’ taking pictures with him on a bed with red silk sheets while wearing what looks like lingerie…. What is wrong with y’all.”

Not everyone in the comments was questioning the soon-to-be mother of two. Some fans understood it was her way of admiring her son.

One supporter racked up a couple of likes with their comment: “Some of y’all are very strange in these comments, y’all saw a few people say it was weird to call her baby fine and then copy pasted the same comment over and over again. Come up with some original s**t in your heads, you don’t have to say/nag about what everybody else is saying/nagging about. There’s nothing wrong with this picture OR her caption. Y’all over sexualize EVERYTHING.”

Another fan added their two cents, stating it’s a cultural thing. “The women in my family talk like that about babies as well,” they said. “I think it’s a Caribbean thing to say that. It’s the same thing as saying handsome.”

While the fans and haters in the comment fought amongst themselves, Rihanna didn’t need any backup.

Some folks got a response from the singer.

One person asked, “who calls a baby fine?”

The 34-year-old singer quickly snapped back, “his mother!!!”

Someone else said the baby was “more like cute [and] adorable” since he’s not a “grown man,” and mama bear Fenty wrote back, “you just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!”

The Neighborhood Talk shared images of the responses.


Regardless of the term used to describe him, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are head over heels for their son.

During the British Vogue interview, she stated her pregnancy experience was “legendary” and her life before her son “doesn’t matter anymore.”



She also commented on the bond that Rocky and her son share.

“The second Rocky makes eye contact with him he is on fire,” she said. “The whole thing they say about sons and moms, it’s a myth. Sons and fathers is crazy.”


Rihanna shared another sweet message in the photo’s caption:

“How crazy both of my babies were in these photos and mommy had no clue.”

The photoshoot took place in December 2022 and at the time, the singer did not know she was pregnant with her second child.


She revealed her baby bump to the world during her halftime performance at Super Bowl LVII.