Rita Smith is taking TikTok by storm with her viral videos that offer a glimpse inside her love life while sharing what keeps her feeling fulfilled in her four-decade-long marriage.

Known by her username @badgirlriri504 on TikTok, the 62-year-old is a breath of fresh air and comedic relief. With 121K followers, she represents a beacon of hope for many who are hopeless romantics. The Louisiana native has become a voice of wisdom with her advice on intimacy tips, valuing partnership, fun date nights and the importance of feminine necessities, including perfume and lingerie.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, the internet sensation shared how she and her husband, Theodore Smith Sr., have maintained the spark throughout their 42-year-long relationship. One of the keys she says helps keep her union fun and spicy is spontaneous date nights planned by her mate.

“He is so romantic and he’s so spontaneous,” she told the publication. “I have to keep up with him.”

She added, “He’s a fireball, but you know what, both of us are like that.”

A few weeks ago, Smith posted another video that had the internet buzzing with the words, “GRWM: My Man Planned a Spontaneous Date to bring in Thanksgiving and I’m gonna be HIS Turkey,” where she shared her excitement for an unexpected staycation at a hotel the night before Thanksgiving her husband orchestrated. While packing her bag for the overnight stay, the elder showed several pieces of sexy panties, which she calls “snatchers.”

“Baby, we going to a hotel. I ain’t about to play with nobody,” she said in the clip as she showed off her purple, pink, white and black lingerie.

The lovebirds met as teenagers because Theodore would ride past her home often. One day, he mustered up the courage to approach his future wife and get her number. They later got married when she was 19 and he was 21. Although their love was always a whirlwind romance, the pair noticed how much sweeter the love grew when all their children moved out of their family home.

“You get to communicate a lot and get to know each other even more,” Smith said. “You get a lot of intimacy in.”

In addition, they put in a mutual effort to stay in sync with each other by staying in touch daily. Even shortly after Theodore steps out of the house, they chat on the phone to stay engaged, which she adores.

“These things just keep me on high,” she explained. “It makes me feel like a real queen.”

The thriving couple is happy to be a positive and healthy model of a healthy and thriving marriage.

“I knew what I wanted and I knew what type of man I wanted,” she said, “and when I got blessed with that, I have such a gratitude for that.”