Ayanna Pressley Becomes The First Black Woman From Massachusetts Elected To U.S. Congress

This is Pressley’s second historical win!

Photo Credit: Twitter

| November 07 2018,

02:05 am

Ayanna Pressley has officially made history by becoming the first black woman elected to the Massachusetts delegation as a representative for Boston’s 7th Congressional District. 

Pressley’s win is not only trailblazing, but also serves as a demonstration of her enduring work. The former councilwoman’s resume is expansive, including working for Rep. Joe Kennedy and later Sen. John Kerry. She also previously made history by becoming the first Black woman to earn a seat on the city’s council. 

“It is all very surreal, and the historical significance of my win is certainly not lost on me,” Pressley told WGBH News before the election. “It’s hard to believe, in a 230-year history of our Commonwealth, we never had a person of color to represent us in the House of Representatives.”

According to WGBH, Pressley’s first order of business will center around House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s longevity in her role. While the newly appointed congresswoman has yet to publicly announce where her decision may fall, she has urged that her attentions lay first with her district. Gun violence, criminal justice and healthcare are amongst her top priorities. 

“Change can’t wait,” Pressley’s campaign slogan proclaimed, and voters appealed to her commitment to community communication in mass. 

Pressley spoke to Blavity in September about her campaign agenda and the initiatives she believes are most important.

“Whether it is income inequality, educational opportunities, access to quality health care or transit equity, the inequalities facing the people of the 7th District are displayed across numerous social outcomes,” Pressley told Blavity. “I believe that solutions live in the lives of those most impacted… I will govern in partnership with the community to change these disparate outcomes.”

Congrats to her! 

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