On March 22, Ronda Rousey’s mom, Dr. Annmaria De Mars, informed a TMZ cameraman that her grandfather, and Rousey’s great grandfather, was Dr. Alfred Waddel. Dr. Waddel was one of the first black physicians in North America and a well-known activist in the Canadian Civil Rights movement that took places in the mid to late 1900s. Born and raised in Trinidad, he migrated to Canada and began his journey to becoming a physician.

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

So, how did this little known fact make it’s way into the conversation? Rousey’s mom was not shy about telling the cameraman that her favorite movie was “Before His Time” which gives viewers an insight into the life and times of her grandfather, Dr. Waddel. She also went on to share that they show his movie every Black History Month in Canada. The Twittersphere took off to express their opinions on this Rousey family tree reveal.

Some welcomed the news.

Others examined the physical representations of the family line.

And some prophesied what this means for the UFC fighter.

Rousey has not commented on the recent revelation any further, but we definitely know her mom is proud to be the granddaughter of such a phenomenal man! Check out this video to learn more about Dr. Waddel.

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