The Roots may work in New York now, but everyone knows that they're from Philly.

The group's MC, Tarik "Black Thought" Trotter, has come back home for a very important job. He's the city's newest ambassador, and stars in a documentary-style ad campaign called "We Got You" in an effort to attract more African American tourists to the city.

“The videos have an insider feel that will resonate with this audience and spark word-of-mouth and social sharing from residents, visitors, media and influencers. As far as we know, no other destination marketing organization is speaking to African American travelers in this way," Visit Philadelphia's senior media relations manager, Jenea Robinson, told the Philly Voice.

“We’re tapping into the energy of the black travel movement in our newest campaign inviting African American travelers to visit."

The five-part series follows Black Thought as he meets with well-known entertainers and artists. Together, they discover hidden Philly gems, from historic landmarks to parks and lounges.

Take a look at the trailer and first installment below:

Each episode has a different theme. In the "Dope Art & Live Music" episode, the MC works to show viewers that "in Philadelphia, the arts … is a living, breathing thing."

And Black Thought didn't just choose locations to share because they film well. Each place that the ads show have some personal, historical or social relevance. In a tour of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, a sort of mosaic museum, Black Thought says, "This is representative of Philly in that the city is a mosaic."

It also happens to be just down the street from where The Roots got their start.

Other episodes of the series show Black Thought ordering cheesesteaks at Max's Steaks and playing skeeball with Vanessa Simmons at Spruce Street Harbor.

You can check out all the short films on the We Got You site.