Former New York City mayor and Donald Trump ally Rudy Giuliani was in court last week for proceedings to determine how much he’d have to pay for defaming two Black election workers from Georgia. Despite pleas from Giuliani’s lawyers that a large settlement would bring him financial ruin, a jury has decided that he owes the two women nearly $150 million for the harm that his statements against them have caused.

Earlier this year, Giuliani was ruled to be liable for defaming Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss after repeatedly spreading lies that they engaged in election rigging when they worked to count ballots in Georgia in 2020. On Friday, the federal jury seated to decide damages in the case returned its decision. As CNN reported, Freeman was awarded over $16 million for defamation, while Moss was awarded nearly $17 million. Each woman was also awarded $20 million for emotional distress, and the jury said that Giuliani would have to pay an additional $75 million in punitive damages, for a total of approximately $148 million he owes the two women.

Freeman and Moss testified earlier in the week that Giuliani’s false accusations led to them facing racist harassment and death threats, which they said forced them out of their homes and still impact their lives. Friday’s verdict, however, seem to bring them some comfort. “Today’s a good day,” Freeman told reporters after the verdict, according to NBC. “A jury stood witness to what Rudy Giuliani did to me and my daughter and held him accountable and for that I’m thankful.”

Moss, meanwhile, said, “The lies Rudy Giuliani told about me and my mommy after the 2020 presidential election have changed our lives and the past few years has been devastating.” She also told reporters that she hoped that no other election worker “experiences anything like what we went through.”

Once the judgment has been formally entered, Freeman and Moss will be able to take measures to collect from Giuliani, including garnishing any wages he earns or going after property he owns. Giuliani, who had previously argued through his attorneys that a large judgment would ruin him financially, has pledged to file an appeal to Friday’s ruling, which could delay a payout for some time. While Giuliani has failed to provide the court with documents that would help to determine his net worth, it is possible that he will declare bankruptcy due to this and other legal cases facing him, but a bankruptcy ruling would not wipe out the debt he has now been ordered to pay due to the ruling that he intentionally caused Freeman and Moss harm. During and after the trial, Giuliani has continued to make false claims against Freeman and Moss, which the judge in this case has indicated could open him up to another lawsuit for further defamation.

On Monday, the judge’s warning panned out, as Freeman and Moss filed a new lawsuit seeking additional damages and an injunction to stop Giuliani from making additional defamatory statements.

As Giuliani continues to face additional legal trouble, including criminal charges in Georgia, Freeman and Moss are one step closer to having the resources to put their lives back together. And the verdict may send a strong message to others who would use lies and conspiracy theories to push their political agendas.