NBA star Russell Westbrook had to politely check a courtside fan who decided to put the paws on the Oklahoma City Thunder guard during his game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night.

The Nuggets prevailed over the Thunder 121-112, and naturally, Westbrook was asked about the incident in the locker room following the contest. The former UCLA Bruin didn't take issue with the child potentially harming him, but it was the level of disrespect the kid had in thinking he could violate his personal space. 

The athlete also proposed a call to action for a rule change regarding the boundaries between players and spectators, which has become a recurring concern for several NBA seasons. 

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"For all fans though, there's too much leeway for the fans to be able to touch the players and get away with it, and then you can't react and do the things that we need to do to protect ourselves," he continued. 

"But I can't do nothing. What am I going to do, hop in the stands? But there has to be some type of rule or some type of boundaries set that you can't allow that."

Many online agreed with the 30-year-old father of three.

Let's hope the kid learned his lesson.

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