Grandma’s Cookies has a new endorsement partner: Salt-N-Pepa. And they are unveiling a fresh-out-the-oven look after 110 years of baking homemade memories. To debut the bold, new packaging, the Grammy-winning hip hop force has released a remix of the classic nursery rhyme, “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” and an accompanying video – the first of many treats Grandma’s Cookies has in store for fans this year.  

The partnership was a no-brainer for Pep, who has recently graduated from motherhood to grandmotherhood. “I felt like the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because as a new grandma now, which I’m so happy about, I loved the idea when they approached us. And I love the idea that they are doing it. They took this with a new, fresh idea, and a new look,” she told us. “So I thought the partnership was a good fit because of the direction they wanted to take it. And we grew up with that whole “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” So to be able to revamp that nursery rhyme, I thought it was like we couldn’t resist it.”

Salt says the partnership showcases the grandmothers of today versus yesteryear, and how grandparenthood has evolved. “Pepa is a grandma. Everybody loves grandma and everybody loves grandma in the kitchen cooking cookies or whatever. And we also wanted to make her cool because look at Pep, grandma’s aren’t the same, right? Grandma going to be in the kitchen with her music going and the kids are like, ‘Go grandma.’ Grandmas are fly now,” she gushed.

This isn’t the first time the famous duo has teamed up with a brand to promote a message. They’re known for songs of female empowerment and speaking the truth. Their hit single, “Let’s Talk About Sex,” was quickly remixed at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to spread the message about safe sex and the dire consequences unprotected sex could cause. When reflecting on the movement, it’s something Salt says is one of their proudest moments.

“​​The influence of artists and music is so important. It’s always been important to to Salt-N-Pepa. And so there during that time, I remember me and Pep having a really personal conversation about the three degrees of separation when it comes to the industry and how important it is. And when Magic Johnson made his very courageous announcement, it just made us start thinking much deeper about it,” she explained. “We were asked to change the song into a PSA. There was just so much misinformation at the time.”