If you don’t know him, then you’ve probably heard of him. Sam White (@samwhiteout) is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and he’s white. He became wildly popular on social media, from videos of him shimmying and went viral from a Bossip article that called Justin TimberKappa. More recently, he’s become the face of allyship and bridging the racial between white and black millennials.

Photo: Watch The Yard
Photo: Watch The Yard

In 2015, both he and Martese Johnson, White’s fraternity brother and a victim of police brutality at the University of Virginia, spoke about allyship with MTV and HuffPost Live. This time around he sat appeared on “Confronting Race and Privilege Panel,” an installment of The National Urban League’s #StateOfBlackAmerica.

And when he made the announcement on Twitter… to say that people were pissed is an understatement.

Most people saw his tweet and were like “HOLD. THE. PHONE.”

The real ones came for the National Urban League.

Some thought that this is was a part of a greater conversation that needs to be had on privilege.

On the flip side, many defended him.

…and even thanked him! 

Even though Sam wasn’t afraid to defend himself.

Here’s the full episode for your viewing pleasure:

What do you think about Sam’s appearance in the #StateOfBlackAmerica?

Photo: shandymedia
Photo: shandymedia

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