Sasha Obama Was All Grown-Up And Stunning On Her Way To Prom. But Harpo, Who This Young Man?

The Obamas' youngest daughter is well on her way to becoming a young woman.

Sasha Obama
Photo Credit: Getty Images

| May 28 2019,

5:12 pm

The youngest member of the Obama clan broke the internet after a few of her prom photos surfaced. 

Sasha Obama is growing up in front of our eyes. On Saturday, four photos featuring the 17-year-old and her prom date Chris Milton landed online in a now-deleted tweet captioned: "When your lil cousin take Sasha Obama to prom 🏁. "

Dressed in a classy black gown with a slit, Obama looked elegant next to her date, who was wearing a black tuxedo. 

The recent photos put a number of Obama family fans on edge. Typically, when one of the Obama children trend it is due to harassment from the right. In the past, critics attacked Malia Obama when photos of her drinking in college came out earlier this year.    

Twitter users marveled at the photos and former First Lady Michelle Obama hanging out with Milton's mother during the sendoff.

When Obama family fans discovered why Sasha was trending, the praised seemed to be neverending. 

Sasha reportedly attends the Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. Around late last year, reports stated she would attend the University of Michigan when she graduates. 

We have yet to know details about the young man the youngest Obama attended the dance with but we trust the Obamas have enough eyes on Mr. Milton. He attends school along with Sasha, according to Newsweek. His father beamed with joy on Facebook. 

The internets were also quite curious as to who was escorting our baby cousin to prom. 

We'll let this young man go on about his business. May the youngins live their very best lives.