Twitter had a grand ole time this weekend when videos of Sasha Obama and her friend found their way onto the site after being discovered on TikTok.

Most of the videos involve the two performing complicated dance numbers but a few were just of them singing along to City Girls like the rest of us. 

Unfortunately, the attention that the posts got led to Obama's friend deleting most of them, but as always, the internet is forever. 

Here were some of the funniest responses.

Thousands of people were truly happy to know that Obama loves the City Girls just like the rest of America. 

Despite the excitement, some were worried about what conservative media outlets would do with the videos considering the ridiculous reaction some have had to past to both Sasha and her sister Malia. 

Anything the two sisters do is heavily scrutinized by conservative media outlets, politicians and downright critical people despite decades of presidents' children doing outlandish things. This time was no different but there were certainly more championing the youngest Obama than critiquing her.

Others criticized people for blowing up Obama's spot and messing up her good time.

The videos were trending on Sunday but most focused in on Obama singing along to JT's verse Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” remix featuring the City Girls. 

Even JT caught wind of the video and shared it. 

Obama is currently in her sophomore year at Michigan State University. She has had to take classes online because of the coronavirus pandemic, so she has been at home with her mom, Michelle. 

“My girls are studying from home. We’re itching to get back to campus, but things are just confusing … not quite safe. I’m just glad that they’re staying put, even if they’re sick of me,” Michelle Obama said during an Instagram Live interview with Jennifer Lopez in September.