Serena Williams wasn't ready to show her private dance routine video at the Australian Open on Wednesday. But that's exactly what happened during her live postgame interview.

"There's something a little unique — at least from what I've seen — as far as routine in your training," interviewer Jim Courier said to Williams before the video played in the stadium. "I think we may have some vision of it. Maybe you can walk me through what we are seeing here."

The tennis superstar then covered her face in embarrassment and laughed as she watched the video, which also included Coco Gauff and fitness guru Shaun T.  

According to Yahoo, the video was taken during off-season training in Florida. 

"Well, we have a lot of fun," Williams said as she broke out in laughter. "That's Coco in the front, so it's not just me. That's Shaun T. We love to dance." 

The 38-year-old was especially terrified to see the end of the video, which shows her doing the splits.

"Oh, gosh. Are you gonna show the end?" she said, covering her face with both hands. 

The video had already gone viral in December when Shaun T. posted the clip to Instagram. 

"Watch these professional tennis players turn into dancers," he wrote. "They didn’t complain when the steps got tough. They simply committed, climbed and conquered."

Williams said she does the routine whenever she sees Gauff.

"We had like two days to learn it. Then we had to perform it," she said in the postmatch interview.

"My coach had a really great academy. We had winter training ... in Boca Raton and he brought a lot of people from his academy. It was really great. We wanted to bring fun to it. So we had dance, we had tennis, we had boxing, we had all kinds of stuff."