Playing none other than himself during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, cultural icon Questlove hilariously poked fun at Soundcloud rappers with little to no appreciation for the history of hip-hop.

Soundcloud rappers SmokedCheddaThaAssGetta and Guaplord, both white, were portrayed by Timothée Chalamet and Pete Davidson. The skit also featured Punkie Johnson acting as Queen Latifah.

A TV host sat down with the two hip-hop legends and the so-called rappers, hoping to have an authentic discussion about the transformation of music through the years. But Questlove and the Queen, as well as the host, became increasingly frustrated when it became clear that the youngsters were completely clueless about music.

While the legends eloquently expressed the power of music, the white boys were only able to describe their songs as "yeet."

"For me it's about that yeet," one of the Soundcloud rappers said when the host asked them to describe what music means to them.

Their attempt to elaborate on the vague description only created more confusion.

"Talking about like when she skirt up on you," the other Soundcloud rapper said. "It's got yeet on it. That's hip-hop."

Questlove, trying his best to understand the new generation, assumed the young men are talking about the party side of hip-hop. While the legendary drummer tried to make the connection, the young men suddenly remembered the familiar face.

"You was in Yo Gabba Gabba," one of the boys said, referring to Questlove's appearance on the children's program from 10 years ago.

As it turned out, the ambitious rappers didn't actually have any hip-hop influences. Instead, they were inspired by Fall Out Boy, TikTok and the hamsters from the Kia commercial. Still, the clueless wannabe artists revealed they have three billion streams just for playing their only song, "Yeet." 

Questlove, who finally lost his cool after the duo performed their song, tried to knock some sense into the boys with a vicious smack on each head. 

The hilarious skit got plenty of attention on social media.

It was the slap which especially thrilled the audience.

Questlove using his afro pick as a weapon to slap the boys made the skit even hilarious. 

Although it was only acting, the music icon did what many people have been wanting to do to some of today's rappers.

It's safe to assume that some people have watched the slap dozens of times over the weekend.

But viewers also showed love for Chalamet and Davidson, who may have coined the word "yeet."

It's not clear what exactly "yeet" means, but people are already using it as they please.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Questlove revealed that it has been a transformative year for him as the pandemic has allowed him to slow down and make changes. The Roots co-founder said he has lost 70 pounds since March and he has been meditating three hours a day.

"I got my s**t together and morphed into the exact guy I used to laugh at (a sleeping, meditative, Croc-wearing, health nut). I couldn’t be happier. And I mean real happiness," the 49-year-old told Rolling Stone. "This was the rest I needed. This was also the look inside my soul observation I needed. Long overdue."