You started off as an actress, in what ways has that influenced the way you approach screenwriting?

Through acting, I learned to submerge myself in emotion, instantaneously; to imagine and create a scene around me, to see it so clearly, down to the very last detail. How’s it smell, what’s the temperature in here, how does that affect me, etc. I learned to search for motivation, to study my character so thoroughly that they would almost write for me. In these ways acting and writing are very similar. They’d tell me what they want to say, and I write it. Without judgment.


Who are some writers that you admire and keep you on your toes, contemporary or throwback?

As far as comedy is concerned, I love Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Wiig. Shonda Rhimes is an inspiration. I think Peter Nowalk is awesome.

What does your writing process look like, walk us through the steps?

It begins with the idea, of course. Then I plot out an 8 sequence structure. Most importantly  for me is knowing the major conflicts and conclusion. Character development comes next… I create a character that will best tell the story I’m trying to tell, then I work out the details in his/her life.

Once I know who, what and in what order, I write. I enjoy this most, because I just allow this part to flow. I write scenes and dialogue as they come to me, often times I’m surprised by what my characters say and how they use their space.

What was the So Jaded development process like? Why did you choose this story to tell?

The So Jaded pilot was the only piece of writing in which I didn’t use my process, completely. The pilot, which was originally a short, came from me asking the question ‘what would happen if two girls, under the influence and with the best of intentions, accidentally kidnapped a kid?’It was about the snowball effect and all the things I imagined could go wrong in that scenario.

I didn’t think about it too much, I didn’t plot it out. I just started writing, and it took me all of 15 minutes to do so.

The reason we’re looking at So Jaded today is because those characters, Tiffany and Jade stuck with me. I’d given life to this duo and they had so much more to do and say.

so jaded- cast 3.jpeg

So Jaded is so much more than two idiot stoners on a nonsensical adventure. It’s about women, friendship, growing up, responsibility, accountability, and the lack thereof. Sometimes weed is the antagonist for those without responsibility.


You’re a new mom! I’m reminded of this interview with Phylicia Rashad speaking about being pregnant with Condola Rashad and motherhood. Has motherhood altered your creativity in anyway?

What an awesome interview. I absolutely love Phylicia Rashad and everything she had to say about pregnancy and motherhood. It definitely brings about a higher sense of awareness, gratefulness and connection to God and spirit.

As of now my baby is two weeks old. He’s brand new to the world, so getting back into writing has been a slow process. I’m so consumed with being his mom and loving him, talking to him and showing him things that I only get a few moments here and there to really write. So I don’t know what the difference will be, if at all.  

You say that the title character Jade is your alter ego, so how would you describe yourself?


Jade is impulsive, whereas I’m more of a thinker. I’m extremely careful while Jade is very clumsy. She’s bold, which is something I admire about her, but she’s also irresponsible and she has yet to grow up because she’s surrounded by enablers. That was something I actually recognized in myself and it was kind of a starting point for Jade’s character.

I’ve done a lot of evolving during this process. I like to think I’ve grown out of this irresponsibility and moved into a place of strength, focus and drive. I’ve learned independence, sacrifice, hope and faith.

I love people, I’m silly, I like to eat and I love being a mom.

A lot of people in our community are just getting started, what advice would you give people looking to break into the industry?

My journey has been completely outofthebox unusual. I say network and connect with people who are doing what you’re trying to. They can give you advice or introduce you to people, opportunities and resources. The format is changing and people are creating their own opportunities, so find those who are looking to innovate and don’t limit yourself.

so jaded-crew.jpeg

What’s next for you?

I’m enjoying motherhood, raising my son, pursuing my purpose in every capacity, being a vessel for love and storytelling. And I’m working on a comedy pilot.

So Jaded is so dope, but you already know that. If you have not seen it yet, you must watch it and VOTE HERE to see this show on television because we want more shows from Syreeta on our screens soon! 


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