Being quarantined in the house has clearly left y'all with too much time on your hands — so much so that people have started to take some of Beyoncé's most notable looks and compare them to cans of Lysol.

A Twitter user did the heavy lifting and rounded up some of Bey's best looks throughout the decade and paired them up with matching cans of Lysol disinfectant spray, creating a thread to keep us busy.

While some of the looks were from events and red carpets that Bey has attended, others showcased her performance costumes. 

Some looks were pulled from her photoshoots that we're still in awe of today.

In some of the photoshoots, I think it's safe to say that Jay-Z was the photographer.

And just as we are impressed by Bey's looks, we were today years old when we learned that Lysol came in this many different bottles.

No thread would be complete without our favorite sister duo, Bey and Solange.

We know that Mrs. Carter is a jack of all trades and serves many looks, but y'all really showed out with this one.