A clip of an audience member who attempted to twerk on Steve Harvey during his daytime television show has gone viral again, sparking reactions on social media as she reenacted the now-infamous dance. 

On Tuesday, Wendy Davis shared a side-by-side video of herself on TikTok watching the clip. She thanked everyone who keeps her “relevant” and said she enjoys watching it whenever someone shares it on social media. 

“Hey, y’all, it’s me, Wendy! she said in the 17-second video. “The lady in the blue dress on The Steve Harvey Show. Thank you all for keeping me relevant, and keeping it going viral; I really appreciate it, and I love y’all. 


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The clip amassed over 792,700 views on TikTok, with many users happy to see Davis on the video-sharing platform. 

“Girl we’ve been looking for youuu!!!😭😭😭, one user said.

“You better be getting that money, your all over TikTok boo ❤️, another wrote. 

“Idk how old the Steve Harvey video is, but you’re aging backwards 🥰, a third user said. 

In a subsequent post, Davis reenacted the dance, sporting a royal blue top and black slacks, paying homage to the original video.

She captioned the screen text with a waving emoji, saying, “I heard y’all was looking for me. The clip garnered over 2 million views.


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A flight attendant, model and entrepreneur, Davis went viral a few years ago as an audience member on Harvey’s show. According to Atlanta Black Star, she asked him what he thought about her following in the footsteps of a 22-year-old kindergarten teacher who quit her job to make twerk videos online. 

“Are you crazy?! Harvey responded before Davis divulged more details about herself. Upon learning she was 33 years old, he followed up with, “Can you twerk? That led Davis to leave her seat in the audience and walk onto the set to showcase her twerking skills.

As she began to dance and moved closer to Harvey, he stood there shocked as she twirled her body in various motions.

The clip circulated on X, formerly known as Twitter, with users also appreciating Davis’ dance moves.

One user tweeted, “There’s a trend on TikTok where people are dancing like that lady who was twerking on the Steve Harvey show and it’s taking me out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME 😭🤣, with the clip.