Thirteen Lincoln University students marched 66 miles from campus to the state capital of Pennsylvania. Students are demanding legislators approve $640 million in funding for four state-related universities, $19 million of which will go to Lincoln. 

On Sunday morning, supporters greeted students as they crossed the State Street Bridge. The 66-mile march began on Fri. More than $7,000 in monetary donations were received by the students from alums, fraternities, and nonprofit organizations. The 13 students have also received donations from strangers, including Moyers Furniture owners.

“The owner of it [Moyers Furniture] came out, and she said, ‘What’s the cause?’ We told her about it, and she went back into her establishment, and she wrote a $500 check for us — then and there. That’s when it hit; I guess it hit me so clear that we had a movement behind us,” one of the students said.

“Last night, our Airbnb was covered just cause she heard the cause and heard what we had going on and really supported us,” another student said.

The Senate returned to work on Monday when the marching students expected to arrive in Harrisburg after walking 66 miles. Mackenzie Hanks, a junior at Lincoln University, told CBS News she feared the lack of funding would cause a teacher shortage.

“Resources are so limited,” Hanks said. “I’m afraid that it will get to the point where we will not be able to keep our teachers.”

Lincoln expects to receive an additional $3.8 million from the Commonwealth compared to last year. According to the school’s previous fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2023, the Commonwealth gave it $15.9 million. If the Senate passes the bill, Temple will receive $169 million, and Pitt will receive nearly $166 million. In addition, Penn State would also receive over $259 million.

A press conference and meeting with members of the Pennsylvania Senate and the 13 students will take place Monday in the Capitol Rotunda to strategize a plan to pass the funding bill.