Summer isn’t over yet, and who doesn’t enjoy a specialty beverage during this season? Whether it is your favorite cocktail, mocktail, or an infused drink to help pull you through the day – nothing beats the refreshing taste of your favorite summer sip during the golden hour of day.

No matter the location, tea is a mainstay in American culture. From the sweet tea recipe that grandma made special with Sunday dinner, to the matcha green tea found at the hip new coffee shop, there is something for everybody. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there.

Gold Peak is a product that celebrates tea’s goodness and elevates the tea game for enthusiasts and casual drinkers. Whatever way you enjoy your brew, tap in with Gold Peak, and then try some of these innovative recipes to elevate your beverage game.

Spicy Margari-Tea

A sweet and spicy twist on a classic sweet tea recipe – sign us up.



Suggested Glassware: lowball/rocks glass

3 oz Gold Peak Sweet Tea 

1 oz hot honey syrup (combine equal parts hot honey and warm water) 

½ oz lemon juice 

½ oz lime juice 

Hot honey, for the rim 

Salt, for the rim


The Brew Normal

If you love ginger and citrus, this mocktail is for you.



Suggested Glassware: lowball/rocks glass 

2 oz Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea 

1 ½ oz mango juice 

¾ oz ginger syrup 

½ oz lime juice 

Lime wheel, for garnish


In Too Steep

Herbs and spices take this tea recipe to the next level.



Suggested Glassware: highball/collins 

¾ oz Lime Juice 

4 Cucumber rounds 

3 Rosemary sprigs 

4 oz Gold Peak Zero Sugar Tea 

1 ½ oz Sparkling Water


Raspberry Mar-Tea-Ni

Antioxidants are galore with all of the raspberry flavors and goodness.



Suggested Glassware: martini/coupe glass 

1 oz Gold Peak California Raspberry Tea syrup* 

¾ oz Lemon juice 

3 oz Ginger Beer 

Raspberries, for garnish


Coconut-Tea Peach Punch

Get a taste of the islands with this mocktail.



Suggested Glassware: lowball/collins

1 oz Cream of Coconut 

5-7 Mint leaves 

2 oz Gold Peak Georgia Peach Tea 

2 oz Coconut Water  

Mint sprig, for garnish 


As you can see, there are so many innovative options for how tea can be the ingredient of choice for your next mocktail situation, and Gold Peak has so many flavors that can make choices limitless.

Click here to get full recipe details for the above mocktails and learn more about how Gold Peak tea can be a staple in your golden hour food and beverage experience.