Taye Diggs says his son does not want to get into the entertainment industry despite his mother, Idina Menzel, hoping he will.

“No interest at all, and it’s killing his mother. I don’t really care, but he has such a beautiful voice. He is a good-looking kid, he’s hilarious, so he would be great [in the industry], but he has no interest whatsoever,” Diggs told OK! 

Instead, 14-year-old Walker Nathaniel Diggs harbors a passion for basketball.

“He’s such an athlete, but it’s interesting that he’s chosen that path,” Diggs added. “Basketball is his main sport, but he can play everything. He’s obsessed with basketball.”

“It’s really fun watching someone you’ve created really focus on something. It’s a trip!” he said.

The entertainer also reflected on being cast on the TV series All American in 2018, noting the experience helped him bond with his son.

“I felt very lucky because I was in a situation where art was kind of imitating life, and even when I was on that program, my son knew more about football than I did,” Diggs said. “So, we were able to watch that show together and discuss the issues as well as the athletics. That was a seminal moment for us.”

The actor did not immediately sign on to the show when he was offered the role of Billy Baker. He was inspired by the script and says he gained a lot from the experience as a father.

“That was a great lesson for me in just following my instincts and just allowing things to happen because on paper, that was not a show I should have done. At the time, The CW was seen as a superhero kids network. I had never played a coach, and I loved sports, but it’s not like I grew up in that world,” he said.

“Me and Walker got closer on a different level,” Diggs added. “It gave me a different perspective on relationships that older men have with young boys. I got really close with the cast, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It opened up so many doors for me that I would not have known about, and I love that in life and in acting.”