It’s homecoming season, and nothing increases the thrill of returning to the yard like great music. North Carolina A&T alum Terrence J has teamed up with TIDAL to create the ultimate playlist to have everyone reliving their fondest school memories.

With TIDAL’s “Live Session” feature, Terrence is bringing the high energy of HBCU homecomings to listeners everywhere, anytime.

Fresh from his Aggie homecoming (also referred to by alums as the Greatest Homecoming on Earth…aka GHOE), Blavity spoke with him about the impact of the music and, more importantly, the impact of HBCUs.

The actor and philanthropist says that homecoming has always felt like a family reunion for him, even after nearly two decades.

“My 20th anniversary is next year, and every time I go back, it’s like seeing your actual family,” he said. “My homeboys from school are now doctors, dentists, and architects. We hang out, talk about life, build connections, and see all our old professors. It’s a beautiful Black experience, and I try my best to go back every year.”

As a proud advocate for HBCU culture, Terrence is ecstatic to link up with the streaming service to give subscribers his favorite hits in real-time.

The Think Like A Man Too star expressed that “one of the key ingredients and heartbeat of homecoming is music.”

He added that no matter the location, songs like “Before I Let Go” or “Knuck If You Buck” will make you feel like you’re always at the tailgate.

Subscribers can think of the “Live Session” as passing their auxiliary cord to Terrence to hype them up on the way to the post-game party or getting them through a midday slump at work.

“It’s going to bring that nostalgia, it’s going to bring that vibe,” he added.

He mentioned some of his musical favorites during his school years were hits from 50 Cent and JAY-Z. His curated “Live Session” consists of a variety of timeless tracks, such as Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” and Juveville’s “Back The Azz Up.”

While TIDAL and Terrence are doing their part to keep the party going, they are also doing their part to support students. To honor their partnership with the former mass communications major, TIDAL is donating to North Carolina A&T’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

“Part of my responsibility as an HBCU graduate is to give back to provide the same opportunities for young people I once had,” he said. “We’re giving money back to North Carolina A&T State University to help some amazing students stay in school. It’s a beautiful partnership and an amazing way to end our homecoming season.”

The support from prominent brands like TIDAL provides opportunities and exposure for Black students that may not have been offered at other institutions. With his partnerships, Terrence is dedicated to showcasing the greatness that comes from HBCUs.

“I could shed a tear,” he said. “When I went to an HBCU, it was because I wasn’t accepted into other schools, and they took a chance on me. I started on academic probation. By the time I graduated, I had a 3.7 GPA. It was the people there that gave me that nourishment and helped turn me into a productive member of society.”

Terrence celebrated the shift surrounding the stigma of HBCUs being inferior to other colleges and universities. He attributed the change in mindset to notable graduates such as the late Chadwick Boseman, students active on the front line of the Black Lives Matter movement, and gaining notoriety with sports from individuals like Deion Sanders.

“Over the last five years, HBCUs have been on fire, and now that we have big corporations putting their money where their mouth is, doing different activations and sponsorships, it just makes it even better,” he said. “From a 20-year HBCU alum, it’s just a beautiful thing, and my goal is to ensure these students now have better opportunities and more access than I had. And so all of this energy, all of this positivity, it’s all good. It’s amazing.”

Terrence J’s “Live Session” homecoming playlist is live and available to stream on TIDAL.