A Texas homecoming queen wasn’t allowed to return to her former high school to crown her successor for wearing a stole representing her Mexican heritage to her graduation ceremony in May. The school district said the student wore an “unapproved sash” and cited “insubordination” as reasons for her not to be invited back.

Kayleigh Craddock, 18, graduated from Brazosport High School in Freeport, Texas in May. She had been excited to carry on the tradition of crowning the next Homecoming Queen.

“It’s a tradition. Every girl does it,” Craddock told KHOU.

Cynthia Vasquez received a call from the school on Friday saying her daughter wasn’t allowed back because of her graduation dress.

“I was just so upset because why? Why wait so long to tell us? We already bought my dress, already paid for my hair,” the student added.

The school district confirmed that Craddock wasn’t allowed back.

“Graduation dress guidelines are communicated to all graduates. The school policy addresses the wearing of unauthorized sashes or accessories. Unfortunately, a student wore an unapproved sash that was not in the guidelines for graduation dress. The student was asked to comply with the dress guidelines and refused,” a statement reads. “The graduate was Homecoming Queen last school year. However, because of the insubordination at the graduation ceremony in May, the graduate was not invited back to participate in the crowning of this year’s Homecoming Queen.”

The 18-year-old said there was confusion as to whether she could wear the stole at first. Ultimately, no one told her to take it off at graduation.

“I wouldn’t have brought it if it was out of dress code. I wouldn’t have brought it, period,” she said.

Her mother doesn’t understand why the district waited until a week before the ceremony to call her.

“Just seems kind of petty at this point. It seems petty. Because you could’ve addressed this back in May and here we are a week before (the ceremony),” Vasquez said.

Craddock wore a Mexican heritage stole over her graduation robe to honor her culture and family heritage.”

“I wanted to represent my culture. I love being Mexican, and I will forever be proud”,” she said”

“She loves being Mexican. She loves being Black. She loves to represent both her cultures. That’s why she wears her braid”,” her mother added.