Darryl George, the 18-year-old Texas high schooler suspended for wearing his natural hair in school in September, was suspended again.

The student spent a month at an alternative school after refusing to cut his locs, which Barbers Hill High School said was a dress code violation. He returned to class on Tuesday and was suspended again for wearing his natural hair. 

The school stated that his hair is “out of compliance with the BH dress code when let down” and that George would be allowed back to class if he corrects his “dress code violation,” according to NPR. He will be suspended for 13 days. 

The family’s attorney said she is working to stop the suspension and have the student return to school.

“We will continue to fight alongside the George Family and work with State Rep Bowers and Reynolds to amend the vague language that’s being exploited by Barbers Hill ISD to push their racial discrimination agenda toward our children,” the family said in a statement sent to NPR.

The Georges previously mentioned filing a lawsuit against the school for racial discrimination and violating the CROWN Act, enacted in Texas on Sept. 1.

The 18-year-old’s locs were woven with his father’s stepdad’s and brother’s hair.

“Darryl’s hair is spiritual; his hair is a connection to his ancestors. His hair is a connection to God,” Dr. Candice Matthews, a civil rights activist helping his family, told Insider. “Cutting it off is cutting him off from them, too.”

The student’s mother had also mentioned calling Child Protective Services over her son’s suspension conditions. She said he was told to sit on a stool for hours in a cubby with a sandwich and no proper cafeteria meal for lunch.

“He’s going to keep fighting, but it’s tearing him down,” she said about the emotional toll that the suspension has taken on his son. “He’s up every night. He has tears in his eyes every day. He’s emotionally and physically drained behind this.”