When Raven-Symone appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey last fall, she was harshly criticized when she announced “I’m an American. I’m not an African-American”. However, many people wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt due to nostalgia they felt over her roles on the Cosby Show, and the Disney sitcom “That’s So Raven.” But she may have officially crossed the point of no return when she appeared on The View as a co-host. Speaking on Rodner Figueroa’s recent dismissal from Univision for literally saying Michelle Obama looks like an ape, Raven-Symone felt it was necessary to jump to his defense and state “Michelle, don’t fire me for this right now, but some people look like animals.” Start the video at 8:30 to witness the foolishness.



She tried to defuse the controversial statement by saying that “I look like a bird! So can I be mad if someone called me Tucan Sam?” She also doubled down by stating that Figueroa COULDN’T have been racist, because he voted for Obama. I don’t know what kind of warped Disney bubble Raven was raised in but calling black people monkeys/gorillas has always been a racist attempt at dehumanizing black people. At this point I really have nothing left to say to Raven except that maybe she should just take her own advice.