The Karen archetype has taken on a new life amid social distancing orders. 

Not long after nonessential businesses temporarily shut down shop and the CDC recommended masks be worn in public, social media was flooded with childlike antics from white Americans resisting such protocols. Protests against safety measures put in place by state and local leaders throughout the nation have been astoundingly embraced by this particular brand of American.

Loud and entitled middle-aged white women, unaffectionately dubbed "Karens" by the internet, have been seen comparing quarantines to slavery, starting fistfights over wait times at Red Lobster and getting arrested for coughing on people.

All of these activities have been caught on camera, highlighting some of the worst examples of entitlement, selfishness and blatant racism. 

Here are the five Karens we've had the misfortune of being introduced to during quarantine: